I happened across Quebec-born director Robert Lepage's US premiere of his one-man show, 887, which is another work based on memory that has popped up for me over the time I am working on this thesis. This one is literally about a memory palace - his childhood flat in MontrĂ©al, to be exact - and he stands onstage interacting with a reconstruction of the building, as tall as him, which spins, lights up, and houses video and doll-sized figures and objects with which he interacts as he is telling his story. With IDNYC I get 50% off same-day tickets so I've gotten myself one to see it tonight because I felt I couldn't miss this. 



Throughout the past several months, related to thesis and not, I have been struggling with anxiety, and when I can master it I try to put all this emotion and energy towards work, especially when I have this project that is so deeply rooted in my personal life and should be a direct channel for exactly these sorts of problems. I search for meaning and signs in everything, which is a good and bad thing, and I easily get swept away in tangential or "what if" thoughts.

All this to say, when I purchased the ticket for 887, in what would normally be the wee hours of the morning for a night owl like me, awake because of yet another panic wave, I entered my information and clicked "submit", and the spinny wheel that came up while the order and payment were processing came with one warning:

It is critical that you do not stop the process.

I don't need to say anymore, but if you need reminders like I do, find them wherever you need to.