Alright, to the treehouse. Looks pretty dark over there...

(stops walking)

Wow, it's so overgrown. Nothing some pruning and weeding couldn’t help, though, I wonder why Agnes...it just needs some attention. (rustling, clearing brush) There's so much --

(Agta bell noise. Rena stops suddenly and gasps...a pause, then shakily, whispering)

Something’s here. Is something here??? No. I’m okay...I’m okay. Should I stop recording? No.

(laughs wildly, panicking a bit, then resumes whispering)

Oh wow, it’s weird in here...dust everywhere, but there are still papers and things taped to the wall that I...remember putting there. I know the tree’s not technically...growing anymore...but is that an orchid?? How did that… The Littles. That must be Pandan’s work. Are they here?

Wait. (picks up paper) Was Grandma still coming here? Even without...

(bell sounds louder, Rena suddenly whispers) Agta.

Come on, you can show yourself. This tree, it's yours too, isn’t it? I remember the stories.

(Agta laughing, bells going. Rena gaining confidence, getting angry, louder over them)

But guess what? Here I am now, back on your turf. Well...it’s not just your turf. Those are my crayons. That is my wooden stool. That branch is where Rafi would sit and nap while I did homework. That’s where Grandma measured and carved my height into the wall. That’s the stain from when I spilled juice on the rug because Grandma made me laugh so hard.


Then one day I came home from school sobbing and for the first time I refused to come out here. Rafi was gone. But...it was my fault, not his. I was ashamed, and scared. I thought I could just decide not to be, and it worked for a while. But I’m not a kid anymore, I’m not afraid. I can fix this place up, Louis and Leo would love that. Maybe this is why I came back.

(Sounds suddenly stop. Phone rings/buzzes suddenly)