I'm going to start calling our...friends...the Littles. Louis and Leo like this. (They call me Ate Rena..."big sister".)

I wish I had thought to record them, they were so funny about them, and I've actually been liking having the recordings for later, even the stressful ones. It's an experience in itself to...hear myself talk about this stuff. It makes it even more real, if that makes any sense. And talking to someone else about this...even if they're 5-year-olds...is a huge relief. For both me and them.

Anyway, Louis and Leo identified three Littles in the treehouse: Pandan, Bao, and Capiz. They drew me pictures of them all. They said they have been seeing red lights at night there, which is new. Immediately I thought of Agta, but Rafi's lights are sometimes red, too. I think that's partly why I was so surprised when I first saw him, that he looked...dimmer than I remember. I've been hoping he'll show up again when Louis and Leo are here, I think they would love him. Maybe I should teach them to play sungka and beat him, too...

Needless to say, Agnes does not entertain talk of the Littles. I asked the boys about if they've told her about the lights and she just tells them they're not real and moves on. They withdraw a bit when they tell me this so I drop the subject quickly. I know what they are feeling. She's constantly rushing around and has been kind of strange and distracted lately, maybe I should tell her it's having an effect on them.

Oh, a big development: I found an old book I remember loving about mythical Filipino creatures. It yielded some potentially useful information, which backs up what I remember Grandma saying. I still feel a little silly taking this stuff seriously but...at this point, I kind of have to.

I'm definitely going to check out the treehouse today.