This is my mom in high school, in a school play. I couldn't believe it.

I showed the journal to her after dinner. I could tell it hurt her to see it too. I started to leave to go to bed so she could be alone but she stopped me. She asked what else I had found up there, so I told her about the photo albums, and we just went back and forth talking about everything and laughing and...it was actually nice. It felt like for the first time in a while both of us could relax.

So in this photo, she had been cast as a dramatic socialite. She said she was mortified by it but Grandma was thrilled and insisted on making her dress. It ended up so ornate compared to everyone else’s that they had a huge fight about it right before Mom was supposed to go onstage, and all everyone could talk about afterwards was how convincing her scowl was. My grandpa laughed his head off for days about it.

I can’t imagine my mother acting like that! Or acting at all. She's always been so reserved. She was laughing when she told me, so it’s not that mortifying anymore. I wonder if that costume is still around.

Anyway, I’ve got the boys again for a few hours tomorrow, so I should go to bed, but...it was just nice to catch up. She did say that she was happy I have a job where I can be creative since I had always been so. I just kept quiet. Agnes knows, but is sworn to secrecy. I wish something would just come up and make the decision for me.