I went back up to the attic, but still couldn't stay up there so I grabbed some more albums and notebooks and came back down. Mom actually asked me if I was feeling okay this morning, she said I seemed jumpy.

I did not mention that it was because I was afraid of a magical creature popping up unexpectedly.

One of the notebooks turned out to be a journal of my grandmother's. I didn't realize she kept any. She did some sketches in it too. Other than the usual portraits and scenes, there were quite a few made-up creatures that she gave personalities to. She couldn't see Rafi but she always included him in what we did and asked me how he was feeling. Even when we used to play and put on little shows together in the treehouse, she always had elaborate stories for us to act out, and a whole cast of characters. I don't recognize any of these, though.

I forgot how much I loved to watch her draw.

I forgot how much I loved to watch her draw.


There are three in particular who seem to pop up a bunch, maybe they were her favorites, or the first ones. Sometimes she talks about them like they're almost real. There's one who looks like a mix between a monkey and an orchid. She calls him Pandan, which I remember now is a green flavoring I never liked...but I like this little guy.