Rafi is back.

Has he always been that dull color? I remember him being brighter and constantly making little sparks, especially when he got mad. OKAY, IT DOESN'T MATTER. The point is HE IS BACK. I saw my IMAGINARY FRIEND. I AM AN ADULT.

I quickly learned bringing the kids up to the attic was a mistake. They were touching things and opening boxes and asking so many questions and I was about to start yelling when there was a huge crash behind me, where there was no one to cause any crashing. Apparently my old wooden sungka game board had leapt off a shelf, from behind two heavy, lion-shaped bookends, and the white shells in it had spilled absolutely everywhere. 98 tiny shells spilled all over the floor which was already covered in dust and papers and piles of boxes.

And there he was.

One of the boys said my name and I turned to them. I had forgotten they were there. For an even crazier second, I wondered if they saw Rafi, but they only seemed to be staring at me.

I heard a swishing sound behind me, and just like he did 12 years ago, Rafi disappeared while my back was turned.

I couldn't get them out fast enough when Agnes got back. Writing this helped a bit, I'm shaking less. But I'm gonna go lie down.