My mother and I haven’t had much time to talk, but that’s not unusual. She went back to work today so I had the house to myself, which was really strange. I can’t help but think about how I should have been here, I should have called more...but it doesn’t matter now. I wonder if she’s thinking that too.

Penny called again. I still let it go to voicemail. She said she had emailed me at my Hennerson address, which I'm surprised they haven't deleted. Apparently despite what happened Garfield & Brandy are still in talks about the design with Hennerson. I guess something besides my histrionics stuck with them...

She explained the family leave situation, attached some info and said it’s okay, just call and we’ll "work it out".

It’s not okay, Penny.

Here's the part that sucks the most: it sounded like she was saying they had asked "too much" of me and that's why this happened. Like I couldn’t handle the pressure. But I can. Whatever this is, isn’t me. I don’t know what’s happening, but it’s not me.

One thing I did make sure to save.

One thing I did make sure to save.


Anyway I have to call them within two weeks according to the leave stipulations. Maybe I can have another chance. My mother doesn't know I actually quit, that's another thing. I've never been someone who holds on to a lot of stuff so I don't think she thought anything of it when I arrived without much luggage, plus I just couldn't have that conversation with her yet. Maybe I won't have to, if I go back. People have...moments and it doesn't have to mean anything, right? What else have I got besides Hennerson at this point? I don't...do anything else.

I guess I’ll think about it.